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Updated: Feb 7, 2019

Flash BACK to the summer of 1993, riding in the back seat of the family van on the way back from a week-long Summer Camp, I pulled out a notebook from my Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper and a pencil with a troll eraser from my backpack.  At the top of the page, I wrote: "My Life's Story".  As I gazed out the window following the stream weave back and forth parallel the mountain road, my soul had a vision.  I wrote my little heart out.  After THREE whole sentences, I became familiar with what's known as "writer's block."  A bit of intuition came to me...  I thought: "How can I write my life's story!?!  I've barely begun living my life.  I'll have to wait until I'm REALLY old to write my life's story." 

If you can't remember these RAD trapper keepers, then you must be a baby born in the next generation. If so - welcome! Grab a pen and take some notes, cuz this OLD lady has a few stories to tell!

Flash FORWARD to age 36... I'm FINALLY starting to write my life's story AND crossing off a bucket list checkmark! I've always wanted to start a blog, and after WAYYYYY too long hemming and hawing over the last year, and realizing the main reason I never started is because I was scared I wouldn't meet my OWN expectations. Now that I'm a recovering perfectionist, I'm just going for it! This will be a space for everything that pertains to pursuing a beautiful life. Now that I'm starting to write my life's story (bit by bit), I guess I'm officially "old" in the eyes of my 11 year old self!  I've lived some life... something to write about, share, comfort, inspire and encourage others.  Not only is it a family keepsake for our own memories, but I hope connect with others and build community around the pursuit of A Beautiful Life. Why "A Beautiful Life"? I'm glad you asked! ...

In 2016, my husband and I had the opportunity to build our own house.  While we built, we lived in the basement of my in-laws for a year while also raising our two year old daughter, Lorelei. During that year, I learned how to tile and grout, crossed my fingers that all the colours I had chosen will "flow" and also experienced terrifying and strange health issues, which later I learned was Chronic Epstein-Barr Virus. 

As grateful I am to have built our own home, you can imagine the scene I painted above to be let's say... a wee bit stressful.  OH! And my husband, Shane broke his foot while we were building, which added just a LITTLE bit more stress and delayed us moving in.

One hectic day as I was running up and down the stairs from the in-law's basement for probably the 48,000th time that day, my hands stopped in the doorway, as if trying to grab onto something solid. I took a few deep, stress-induced breaths and had a thought.  The thought was: "I just want A BEAUTIFUL LIFE". That phrase rang in my ears for the next two years.  It's really meant something to me, and I hope it will mean something to you too.

Now before you think I wasn't grateful for my family, home and life in general...  To the contrary. I longed for simplicity, less clutter, TRUE health, authenticity, personal growth, intentional discipline, mindfulness, more ways to explore my creativity and about a dozen other words that describe this full, well-rounded life... And really as I continue on this journey to 'Pursuing A Beautiful Life', in my mind's eye, I'm really trying desperately to get rid of  all the habits and idiosyncrasies that I had picked up along the road, thinking either they would protect me or distract me from dealing with... me. Enough excuses.  It's time to become that person I've always wanted to be... the REAL me, the BEST version of me. You know, the kind of disciplined person who becomes an amazing yogi, chooses tea over wine, remains calm and kind even when she wants to karate-kick someone in the jugular, the kind of person who chooses family over screen time, who chooses less over more... you get the idea.

As I share my story with you of 'Pursuing A Beautiful Life", I'm going to make you three promises:

1. I will be vulnerable. I believe in order to truly connect with others, it's absolutely imperative to be vulnerable.

2. I will love myself and others.  I believe an important way to a kinder world is to truly love yourself, as well as loving others.  This puts everyone around you at the advantage of receiving your positive vibes and innately encourages them to love and be kind.

3. I will be intentional.  I'm a recovering perfectionist, reminding myself: "It's not about perfection; it's about intention. If your intent is good and you're consistent, I believe your own personal goals can be reached.  You CAN become the BEST version of YOU. ​

Now as I'm about to close my Lisa Frank trapper-keeper -*COUGH*- I mean my laptop, I want to say one more thing to you: Thank you for stopping by.  It means a lot to me. I hope you'll stick around.

Have a beautiful day!



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Congratulations honey! You did it! It has begun. Well done. ❤️ Mom

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