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I'm a mom raising two beautiful girls in Montana, as well as a modern-day herbalist and explorer in emotional intelligence. Those are my three loves (outide myself): my kids, herbs and the emotional/spiritual connection. I believe self-love is paramount. My last name, 'Saoirse' means "Freedom" in Gaelic; I'm a wee-bit Irish. I brainstorm all my best ideas while soaking in the bathtub, while drinking some of my herbal tea. 


As I purposefully live in an energy of love, I'm sharing my insights and herbal remedies with those looking to intentionally live a holistic lifestyle. Through everything, I purposefully follow my heart and stay its course. 

Flash BACK to the summer of 1993, riding in the back seat of the family van on the way back from summer camp, I pulled out my Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper and a pencil with a troll eraser from my backpack.  At the top of the page, I wrote: "My Life's Story".  As I gazed out the window staring at the Montana scenery, my soul had a vision.  I wrote my little eleven year old heart out.  After THREE whole sentences, I became familiar with what's known as "writer's block."  Then, a bit of intuition came to me...  I thought: "How can I write my life's story!?!  I've barely begun living my life.  I'll have to wait until I'm REALLY old to write my life's story." 


Flash FORWARD to Age 38... I guess I'm "REALLY old", because I'm FINALLY starting to write my life's story... I guess you could pretend this blog is the adult version of my Lisa Frank trapper keeper.  :) 


"Follow your heart and stay the course to a beautiful life."

I've been healing a few chronic illnesses for years through herbs, supplements, holistic methods and medical medium protocol.  Boy, do I have stories to share!  I'm excited to share what I've learned that's worked for me, as well as what I continue to learn through study in herbalism and the holistic health arena.

I'll share herbal tea facts, info and recipes!  Herbs for adults, herbs for KIDS!  

Did you know that we can take our "multivitamin" in tea form?  

My two girls and I drink our herbal goodness daily.  I share a lot of this over on my instagram.


Through mindful practice of increasing my emotional intelligence, I'm un-learning old habits, getting comfortable with the uncomfortable and relentlessly pursuing the quality of life I envision.

Truthfully, my biggest passion in regards to holistic health is teaching our next generations what true health means... from the beginning... so they have the best fighting chance in the barage of toxins and chemicals they (we all) encounter on a daily basis that DRASTICALLY effects our health, and therefore happiness.  Ultimately, I just want our sweet little future generations to grow up healthily to live a fulfilling, loving, and happy life.  I believe the road that leads there is through holistic health.  Kid's positive affirmations, healthy food recipes and herbal tea recipes (GREAT FOR TEA PARTIES!) are just a few topics I'll cover here on my blog, on my Instagram and on my Youtube channel.

About "A Beautiful Life"...

The phrase "A Beautiful Life" has been ringing in my head for a few years. To me, A Beautiful Life is: physical health, mental health, spiritual health, emotional health, intentionality, love, kindness, connection, creativity, more quality time, balance, purpose, positivity, playfulness, self-love, gratitude, mindfulness, and the list goes on and on...


Pursuing A Beautiful Life is about becoming that person I've always wanted to be... the REAL me, the BEST version of me. It's not a destination, it's not linear, but bit by bit, grit by grit, meditation by meditation, wild blueberries by wild blueberries, I'm slowly but surely becoming the very best version of myself. 


My hope is to inspire you with my vulnerability as we se each other for who we really are, beautiful inside and out, and therefore through a kind and loving community, we can truly connect. As I share my story of 'Pursuing A Beautiful Life" with you, I'm going to make you three promises:

1. I will be vulnerable. I believe in order to truly connect with others, it's absolutely imperative to be vulnerable.

2. I will love myself and others.  I believe an important way to a kinder world is to truly love yourself, as well as loving others.  This puts everyone around you at the advantage of receiving your positive vibes and innately encourages them to love and be kind.

3. I will be intentional.  I'm a recovering perfectionist, reminding myself: "It's not about perfection; it's about intention. If your intent is good and you're consistent, I believe your own personal goals can be reached.  You CAN become the BEST version of YOU. 

Now as I'm about to close my Lisa Frank trapper-keeper -*COUGH*- I mean my laptop, I want to say one more thing to you: Thank you for stopping by.  It means a lot to me. I hope you'll stick around and join me in Pursuing A Beautiful Life.

Have a beautiful day!




Cryssy Saoirse

"Follow your heart and stay the course to a beautiful life."

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