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6 Steps to Begin Improving your Child's Health

I often look at my beautiful girls, wondering: "What will their life be like when they’re older?" Will they deal with chronic illness as I have? (I really hope not.) Will their bodies have to fight an even larger amount of every day toxins than they already do? What will this mean for my grand babies? What will this look like for ALLLLLL the generations that will succeed me?

With the rates of childhood obesity, depression, diabetes, autism, anxiety, cancer (and so much more) on a VERY steep rise, it highly concerns me. I have a deep compassion for the health of our children, our children’s children and so forth.

So, as part of my holistic journey, as part of my passion project, I’d like to help, to do what I can to shift the tide in the direction towards thriving health for today’s children and that of our future generations. After all, they’re the ones that will work, play and run the world someday, and that someday starts with today…

There’s a reason that the average child today has a higher chance of developing diabetes, autism, anxiety, and even cancer. It boils down to this… a very precious organ in the body that is often underestimated: the liver.

Because of what has quickly become our modern way of life, the average child’s liver is overburdened from toxins…

Toxins like pathogens, heavy metals, pesticides from produce, hormones from dairy +meat, chemical-laden laundry detergent, food dyes + artificial flavorings in “fruit snacks”, and even adrenaline! Yes - adrenaline is hard on the liver and yes, children these days more than ever are faced with physical and emotional stress that creates an adrenaline surge in the body which the liver has to sop up like a sponge as quickly as it can to protect the brain. 7% of children are dealing with anxiety. CHILDREN ARE DEALING WITH ANXIETY! Ugh, this just breaks my heart.

Children don’t deserve to be burdened with anxiety ( no one does) but especially children! At the root of anxiety is, simply put: toxin overload., and adrenaline plays a major role (and a major toxin) in this picture. From the moment the child is conceived, the child is exposed to toxins, and even in utero, the liver starts going to work, purging the toxins and protecting the body from harm. Even right after the average baby is born they are faced with a mega dose of toxins and the toxins just pile up daily with ALLLLL the toxins we are exposed to on a day-to-day basis. There is a way to turn this around. There is a way to heal and protect our children’s livers, and those of future generations.

This is the #1 reason I’m so passionate about holistic health. It’s not only to support and comfort those with chronic illness, to help bridge a gap between the allopathic mindset and the holistic mindset, to help others prevent further toxin exposure which could lead to serious health problems, but it’s this… our future generations. I look at my sweet Lorelei and Felicity, I see possible grand babies in my dreams, and I wonder with the daily toxic load they’re exposed to (we all are) what quality of life will my great-great grand babies experience?

I see all the children around me getting sicker and sicker and these are the generations that are going to grow up and run the world. I’m practically crying as I write this because that’s how passionate I am about this very critical issue! How are they going to do that if they’re mentally and physically sick, emotionally and spiritually disconnected? It’s time to turn this story around before it’s too late and that’s why I’m here, that’s why I show up for the people I support and love on… it’s time to put abundant health back into our kiddos. I have a deep desire to do what I can in my lifetime to help turn the tide back in the right direction - a direction where the rate to SURVIVE is expectedly high and most children are expected to THRIVE.

To begin making shifts to improve your child's health, start with these 6 steps:
  1. Practice awareness - awareness of how you or your child behaves after eating specific foods, being exposed to certain toxins or environments. Just observe at this point. Take notes. Notice.

  2. Practice preparation - After you’ve started observing how toxic the world is and how these toxins affect our bodies, brains, emotional cognition and spiritual connection, start preparing yourself with information… be a label reader! Ask for an insert or ingredient list if it’s not readily provided. You have a right to know what goes in your child’s body. Everything from candy + processed foods, to cleaning products, shampoos, marketed kid’s makeup, bath bombs, lotions, vitamins, medications, over the counter medicine, and standard “well visits”. Ask for the ingredient list, research how and why it affects the body the way it does (it’s easier than you think to do this research - keyword: google) and prepare to put into action what you’re learning.

  3. Practice Action - Put what you’re learning into action. Are you learning that your child has anger outbursts every time he has those “fruit snacks” that are laden with food dyes, preservatives, toxic sugars and artificial flavorings? Remove the problem and replace it with a sustainable, supportive choice. This isn’t necessarily easy, but that’s where step 4 comes in…

  4. Practice “turtle commitment” - you know the old adage : “Slow and steady wins the race.” It came from an old children’s story about how the slow and steady turtle that just took one step at a time, believed in himself and didn’t give up won the race over the fast-paced rabbit who assumed he would win just because he’s faster so he egotistically took a nap and lost the race. Shifting and changing lifestyle, eating choices, medicinal beliefs, and a whole schlew of beliefs takes time. A lot of time! Think 3 steps forward 2 steps back. Significant change doesn’t happen overnight. Stay your course, (as best you can) and…

  5. Practice compassion. This is KEY in lasting change. Practice compassion for yourself, your child, others who have different beliefs or may not know what you now know, compassion for the patient process it takes to shift an entire lifestyle and belief system. Practice compassion during those times you feel “a two step back” situation is happening. (Like when you removed “fruit snacks” from the house but your child has some at a friend’s house.). Be kind, communicate gently, practice understanding, grounded in the belief that you can still move forward and healing can still happen - even with this “step backwards”.

  6. Practice forgiveness - Along with compassion comes forgiveness. I like to think of them as a couple of best friends, always hand in hand. Practice Forgiveness for what you didn’t know, forgiveness for others who don’t know what you now know, forgiveness for the broken systems we’re noticing in which toxins are thrown at us constantly, seeping into the tiniest cracks, forgiveness for your actions or reactions during these lifestyle shift process, forgiveness for those who aren’t supportive or respectful during this process, forgiveness for your future self (because no one is perfect. You do the best you can with what you have), and lastly forgiveness for your child… how they react to and cope with all the changes, as well as forgiveness for the child as they learn to make their own decisions.

Every step begins with “practice” because it’s just that… practice. It’s not a one and done type of thing. It’s a slow learning, or more aptly- put: UN-LEARNING. Un-learning the lifestyle choices and belief system that we’ve become accustomed to practicing. Life is a practice, and you get to practice it however you like! It’s your right to practice it however you see fit for you and your family! It’s a slow 3 steps forward, 2 steps back… sometimes 3 steps forward 3 steps back - type of practice. It’s a compassionate and understanding practice. It’s a practice that is one of the best choices you can make for your children (and you too)! Practice doesn’t mean perfect. All of life is practice, so let’s look at it in such a way that promotes forward movement towards the healthy goals and lifestyle practices you want to implement for your family.

Try not to get discouraged when things get tough, when you feel like it’s an up-hill battle… just stay the course that you know is best for you and your family. You do you - to the fullest! Mama, Dada, caregiver (fill in the blank)… you’re doing GREAT!! And if you’re reading this, just know you are doing the best thing you can for your little one… by learning (and un-learning) you are putting the very BEST thing straight into practice… and that’s love. Way to love your kiddos! By researching what’s best for them, finding what works for you and your family, reducing their toxin exposure one step at a time… this is love in action! THIS is what our future generations need… more parents like this… like you! Well done! And thank you for wanting the best for our future generations too. ♥️

Stay tuned for a blog post next week on practical, easy ways you can start shifting your child’s diet and switch out everyday toxins for healthier versions. If this is something you’re interested in, be sure you join my mailing list... Non - spammy and ONLY the information you need on holistic health and herbalism (because I'm an herbalist and one day plan to have an online herbal tea shoppe for adults AND kids teas)!

Remember: Do what’s best for your family and don’t give up… or, as I love to say:

Stay the course and follow your heart.

Have a beautiful day,

Cryssy 🌿♥️

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