Intentional Self-Love|February:Year of Intention 2019

And alllllll of a sudden, it’s February. Weren’t we all just baking way too many cookies and pretending to be Santa Claus!? ( Or lighting the menorah; or fill in the blank with your culture’s tradition.) ;) Whoosh!

Anyway, since February seems to be referred to as the month of LOOOOOVE, I’ve chosen this month’s intention during the #yearofintention2019 to be “Intentional Self-Love”. Let’s see how many times I can include the word “intention" into this blog post!? Haha! But, seriously that’s what this year is about. Choosing intention over perfection. Intentionally choosing healthy habits over bad ones. Intentionally becoming closer to the BEST version of yourself.

What do you think about when you think of self-love? Going for a massage or pedi? Taking more time for relaxing bubble baths? Saying “no” to things you know are stretching your limit? The truth is, there are 80 billion different forms of self-love. Seriously. I researched it. OK, I didn’t but my point is that since there are 8 billion people on earth and we are all uniquely and beautifully different, then there are so many unique needs to be met. Only you know what you need.

You carry so much love in your heart; why not give some to yourself?

During this “Year of Intention”, I’m encouraging you to join me in these monthly intentions. However, it’s not a set, static challenge. You get to decide what that intentions are going to look like for you, based upon your personal needs. I simply share my personal journey through it while offering you tips, info and inspo! I’m focusing to provide helpful blog posts with a bunch of info and inspo in one place, but if you’re needing daily tips and inspiration, then for sure follow me on Instagram. I share my #yearofinteion2019 personal journey DAILY in stories, and as often as I can in posts.

Love yourself well, because that's who you'll be spending everyday of the rest of your life with.

In order to choose what you’ll focus on during this month of “Intentional Self-Love”, start with knowing you’re not selfish for choosing to love yourself. You know the adage: put on your own oxygen mask before applying others'. I truly believe love and kindness to be the two most important things in this amazing, precious life. You give love and kindness to people all around you. Give some of that love and kindness to yourself. You’re the only person you’ll spend everyday of your entire life with. Choose to be your best friend, because I’m going to break it to you: you’ll be with you the rest of your life. Make friends. Choose to not get in your own way. Choose to help yourself, be gentle with yourself. Choose to love yourself in the way you’ve always NEEDED to be loved.

If others love you, but you perhaps do not love yourself, can you fully accept the love they offer?

Sure, you have family and friends that adore the heck outta you. GREAT! That’s the way it should be. But… let’s be honest. They let you down from time to time. Hey, nobody’s perfect! But, let’s think a sec: you can’t control how someone else loves you. The only one you have control over is YOU. You get to decide how to love yourself. Take a deep breath and feel the amazingness about what I just said (ahem, wrote). You have the power within you to love yourself fully and completely.

If we learn how to love ourselves, this love will manifest itself into loving others as well.

If you love yourself in the best possible way, specific to you, you’ll become more of the best version of yourself. And when you are the BEST version of you that you can be, how do you think that impacts those around you? AWESOMELY. That’s how. All those loved ones who dearly love you will feel your positive, loving vibes. You’ll put off this glow, this light into the world. Those positive vibes will spread like your daughter’s pink glitter, and then those positively affected by you will be inspired and they’ll pass on their own positive energy. So BASICALLY, if you love yourself, you can change the world! Sounds like a lofty statement, I know. But, think about it. Envision a world where we all loved ourselves, who thought kind thoughts and not negative ones, who believed the best about themselves, who didn’t shame themselves or call themselves stupid, who understood what’s truly important in life - and that’s you and everyone around you. What's really important in life... Not the newest car, the skinniest body, or the perfect haircut. Not Instagram, likes and followers. Everything has it’s place; I love a perfect haircut as much as Jennifer Aniston. But, let’s focus on what’s TRULY important. Loving yourself and others WELL.

To quote myself when I was three years old, as I piped up in the car, riding with my mom:

“I’m glad I have myself, ‘cuz if I didn’t have myself, I wouldn’t have myself.”

I’ve always been grateful for me, but there is a lot of room for improvement in the area of self-love. For me, that includes, (but is not limited to): positive affirmations, recognizing and setting my boundaries with others, telling myself “I love you” in the mirror as a daily reminder to whole-heartedly believe it, nourishing my body with healthy foods, being aware of my inner thoughts and the words I speak to change the negative beliefs I’ve cultivated about myself over time, bringing more fresh air, laughter, and movement to my body, and of course… tea. Herbal tea from my beloved apothecary that nourishes my body and comforts my soul.

In my next blog post, I plan to offer more practical tips and ideas for us all to focus on Intentional Self-Love this month. As always, thank you for reading!

Have a beautiful day!



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