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Felicity and I literally fight over the celery juice in the morning. OK we don’t *FIGHT*, but you know what I mean. 😉 We both love it so much, (read the reasons below) it's getting to the point that I'll have to just make her own cup with a cutie straw just for her. Because, according to kids, colourful straws make any drink more fun.

Instinctively, Felicity (20 Mos.) knows what her body needs. Babies and toddlers often instinctively know what’s best for them, if given healthy choices from the beginning... but as adults we have to unlearn what we’ve been taught.

I’m so grateful that somebody shared the Medical Medium information with me, because Anthony Williams’s information has helped me heal from my Epstein Barr Virus, Neurological Issues, Shingles Virus and Streptococcus SO MUCH! I truly shutter to think what my quality of life and pain in my body would be like had another kind human going through her own health struggles had never shared this valuable information to me. I would probably would have very little hair, possibly with a multiple sclerosis diagnosis, trigeminal neuralgia diagnosis, or possibly a worse fate.

Here’s the good news that I've learned! Your body was MADE to heal! Don’t let anyone fool you into believing that your body attacks yourself. Our bodies are not designed to attack ourselves, otherwise the human race would’ve been extinct along time ago. 🤪

Repeat after me:

My body was made to heal. ♥️

This is one reason why I have a heart to share this information with all of you.

In today’s modern world, we are constantly exposed to a WIDE array of toxins, and it’s rapidly increasing at a very alarming rate. Chronic illness is on a VERY steep rise. You may have a chronic illness, some bothersome symptoms (if left untreated by getting to the root of the issue may get worse - that's what happened to me) ... or perhaps know of someone else who could really use this information. Perhaps that person could use just a little bit of encouragement to hear that their body was made to heal. Just believing in THAT can sometimes mean all the difference in terms of HOPE.

And when you're struggling with chronic illness, hope is often a very thin thread.

Anthony William, the Medical Medium has provided many healing tools,

one of which is CELERY JUICE, which we drink first thing in the morning (15 min after drinking lemon water) on an empty stomach (no food yet).


- Flushes toxins out of our livers (CJ helped Felicity with this when she was 14 months old with a small EXCEMA flare up near her mouth)



- Rids our bodies of TOXIC HEAVY METALS (if you don’t think you have toxic heavy metals in you, think again). Did I mention our modern world is a very toxic place? Depressing I know, but we have the tools to heal!

- Re-hydrates our bodies on a deep, cellular level

- Alkalizes the gut

- Replenishes much needed HYDROCHLORIC ACID in the stomach (Modern way of eating depletes HCL. Lack of HCL causes many symptoms including gut pain, bloating, and the inability for our bodies to fight pathogens to name a few.

- Provides precious trace mineral salts and specialized cluster salts our bodies desperately need

- Heals my neurological system

- Heals my SHINGLES VIRUS (a non-rash kind)

- Starves STREPTOCOCCUS VIRUS in our guts that we have (especially Lorelei and myself). You'd be surprised how many people are dealing with Strep on a continual basis (it's not just a sore throat virus). One major symptom that Strep causes is acne.

- Provides enzymes and coenzymes for the gut

- Restore the adrenals

- Heals my brain inflammation

- Supports the growth of my girl’s brains, and well... entire bodies

- And More!

If you're interested in learning more about the ways to naturally heal your symptoms, Anthony William has so much information, as well as recipes and recommended supplements on his website

I share the info I've learned from him daily, along with all things holistic health, especially kids health, which is dear to my heart on my Instagram account @cryssysaoirse. If you have any questions for me, pop over and DM me!

I hope to help support others who desperately need this information.

My very best to you all! Have a beautiful day!♥️

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