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Playing Isn't Just for Fun

June's theme for my #yearofintention2019 is "Intentional Play". As adults, we get so caught up in our busy lives... paying bills, running the rat-race, mowing the lawn, picking up dog poop, changing diapers, working, sweeping, cooking, eating, cleaning and trying to squeeze in a shower and sleep... that we often forget not only HOW to play, but the importance of play.

Through the art of playing, we can flex our brain through creativity, mindfulness and awareness. If we play outside, we connect with Mother Nature in a grounding sort of way. (Pun intended.) Through play with our friends or family, we weave togetherness, connection and trust together in a profound, yet simplistic way. And since time is one of our most precious commodities... being mindful and intentional about our time is KEY to fulfillment... very key to A Beautiful Life.

Finding ways your family loves to play together is SUCH a positive way to connect with the people we love on a deeper, more fulfilling level. We often feel a close connection when we support, sympathize and comfort our loved ones. However, since life often gets so serious, we forget how important it is to connect on a positive and uplifting level as well. Connecting through hardship makes us closer, builds bonds and builds trust. However, connecting through play builds connection, makes memories and cultivates positive relationships.

I believe our most simplistic, yet very important purpose of life is simply ENJOY it. Life just isn't deeply fulfilling if we aren't ENJOYING it. I always have a thought process running though my head about "A Beautiful Life" and what pursuing that beautiful life looks like to me. The picture in my head of (my) beautiful life certainly does not lack enjoyment. It doesn't lack self-discipline or hard work, either. Rather, my mind's eye finds a way to weave enjoyment into my work, my to-do's and responsibilities. So, for those tasks that are a necessary part of life, I'm working on finding ways towards self-fulfillment in taking pride in a job well done, or for me... just plain finishing the task at hand before I get distracted with another one!

Find ways to enjoy your work because it is just a part of living. However, seek out ways to play... to balance out all those tasks. What brings joy and fulfillment to your soul? It's going to look differently to everyone because we are all wonderfully unique. For some, it's knitting. For others, it's fly-fishing. For us, it's swimming. What lifts your spirits, gets your brain ticking or stirs your soul?

For us, during this month of "Intentional Play", we have a whole bucket list that Lorelei and I wrote out (more so for the whole summer)... but specifically for this month: * Camping *Planting Sunflower Seeds in the Backyard *Family Trip to Mexico *(Lots of) SWIMMING *Making Rainbow Unicorn Ice Cream (with the juicer we use so much and love so much that it deserves a name) *Ukelele Lessons (For Cryssy) *Golfing (For Shane) *Slip-N-Slide (Mostly for Lorelei, although we use it on occasion too!)

So... what are some ways that you'll be focusing on playing this month? Be sure to read my posts and watch my stories on Instagram @cryssysaoirse as we play the month away! (And vicariously visit Mexico with us!).

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