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Our Last Photo Session Before We Become a Family of Four (but, really... aren't we already!?)

It's something special when your bestie gets to take your maternity photos. The last time Samantha (of Orange Photographie) took photos of both Shane and me was for our wedding 8 years ago! This time, we not only had one beautiful, zesty five year old daughter with us, but another daughter, full of her own kind of zest (and squiggles) on the way!

We took the photos on Reid's family farm, also where their newly built, beautiful farmhouse resides. Of course, Lorelei wanted to visit the animals on the farm - we said: "Sure! AFTER we're done taking photos, though... THEN you can play, get dirty and have fun!" (But, it's clear she had fun taking photos, too.) However, we may have bribed her with the promise of a cupcake... because as a five-year-old, one would think that a couple of photos taken is enough, right? No. Definitely not. Mommy and daddy need ALL the photos we can get until the sun sets and there's no more light to possibly take a decent photo anymore... and then we can have SO MANY photos that it makes choosing one or two to print off and frame nearly impossible. Yup, that's when we know we took enough photos.

It was a perfectly gorgeous Montana evening - no wind, not too hot; not too cold, with the most BEAUTIFUL sunset (see one of the last photos). We had such a fun time with our friends Samantha, her husband, Reid and their little poodle, Oliver (also, btw the name we had chosen if this little bundle of joy had been a boy).

Lorelei says she'll help change the baby's diapers... only because it's a girl. If it had been an "Oliver", she said she wouldn't help change the diapers. Haha! We already have adjusted to our family being a "party of four", even Lorelei. She tried to tell the hostess at Seven Sushi last night that we there were four of us for dinner (which is what I always feel like saying too, before I catch myself.) Oh! And every morning, the first thing that pops out of her mouth is: "When will the baby be born? Today!? Right now!?!" Her excitement and impatience warms my heart, because that's how I feel too... that's how we all feel!

Once the sun had set and our photo session was done, we headed to the barn. That's where we met and pet a lamb called "Little Brother" (it was a girl, btw) and we spied two HUGE wolf spiders in the barn. Not being afraid of spiders, (snakes are a different story for me) we carefully observed their unique beauty. We felt just like we were in the barn of Charlotte's Web. For a half a second, I was waiting for the wolf spiders and "Little Brother" the girl lamb to start talking to us! :)

See what I mean about that farm-view sunset!? Heavenly. Thank you Samantha and Reid, we will treasure these photos forever! After our photo session and barn visit, we cozied up at Samantha and Reid's house with the the most delicious chamomile tea (you know me... I love my tea) and leftover birthday cupcakes (Lorelei had just turned five earlier that week). Then, Samantha made the quote board with the most hilarious, off-the-cuff, (yet true) comment... So, the baby was squirming around my tummy so much that it was easily seen from all around the table... Then, Samantha with wide, surprised eyes piped up: "Oh, that's so weird! ... I MEAN... that's so BEAUTIFUL!" Hahahaha! We're still laughing about that! Yes, Samantha... it is weird... in the most beautiful, tiny-human-squirming-inside-me-kind-of way. :) Even as I type this, my tummy is making all sorts of weird shapes from a beautiful tiny human running out of squiggle room. :)

Although there will be a bit of an age difference between our two girls, I don't doubt that there will be plenty of love. The Beatles had it right... all you need is love. Needless to say, our sweet baby will make our little family complete and bring us all extreme happiness. (That was a hint to name, by the way). Not long until we get to put a face to her name and see that little body that keeps squirming and kicking me in the weirdest, most beautiful way... my due date is tomorrow (September 16th)! Anytime now, little girl...

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