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I’ve been gone from the online world for over year. My biggest take-away from this last year has been: “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.” It’s been a year of growth. After a long pause from the online social world, I'm back to share my holistic health journey with you!

This is an excerpt of a youtube video I made explaining why I went MIA over a year ago, what I learned and where I envision myself going.

In this video, I explain that I was recently diagnosed with a cyst on my right ovary. I forgot to mention that it is indeed benign, so it's just a matter of making it go away! With the power of thought, supporting loving emotions, a whole-foods, plant-based diet, specific supplements and of course herbal remedies (I'm a practicing herbalist, after all), I'm determined to rid myself of it.

Over the next few weeks, in addition to current life, I’ll be sharing some pics and videos of this last year to bring this space up to speed since we were off the grid for so long - pics and videos of how much the girls grew, our new house, my overflowing herbal apothecary, etc.

Going forward: on my blog, here on my youtube channel, maybe on tiktok (once this old lady figures that thing out?), and over on Instagram, I’ll be sharing herbal recipes, supporting health through herbalism, being a mother as an herbalist, mindful parenting, emotional intelligence, holistic kids health (including kid’s herbal teas!), what has helped heal my chronic health illnesses, food as medicine (both preventative and acute), the Medical Medium protocols, along with other protocols that bring healing, and so much more under the umbrella of holistic health.

Aside from the amazing opportunity to raise my two little earthly angels, Lorelei (currently age 6 & 3/4) and Felicity (currently age 20 months), holistic health is my passion and my purpose in this divinely human life. I know in my gut that I’m being spiritually pulled to share my stories and to share what I’ve learned in the hopes to inspire, comfort, connect and share my creativity and compassion in regards to health.

My passion and career have now intersected and as I look to the future, I know this path I’m intuitively taking now will be rooted in holistic herbalism and holistic health for the rest of my life. I’m really looking forward to being in this space with you all again! Thank you to all who’ve already welcomed me back! It sincerely warms my heart more than you may know. If you’re needing more holistic health information and ideas in your life, then there are a few ways you can stay updated on my journey.

If you’re a YouTuber, be sure to hit subscribe and ring the bell to not miss notifications on new videos (link in bio). If you prefer following blogs, be sure to join my mailing list for blog updates and sincerely cool newsletters (promise). If you’re a tiktoker, I’ll get over there eventually. You can also find me over on Instagram I hope what I will provide will serve you well.

I’m here for you, my friends - to help, to serve, to connect, to heal, to love.

Lastly, my favorite mantra that’s developed from intuitive meditation this last year: Follow your heart and stay the course… it will lead you to a beautiful life.

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