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After a long pause from the online social world, I'm back to share my holistic health journey! I'm really excited to be back, as I've felt a tug at my heart and a gravitational pull from the universe that I can't ignore. I'm back to sharing what I know about holistic health with YOU.

Check out Part One of a video series (below) to find out where I've been this last year that I've been MIA, WHY I've taken such a long break and now... WHERE I'm headed.

In this video I talk about what has helped heal my chronic health illnesses, becoming an herbalist, being a mother as an herbalist, mindful parenting, emotional intelligence, holistic kids health and so much more under the umbrella of holistic health. Holistic health is my passion and my purpose in this life, aside from the amazing opportunity to raise my two little angels, Lorelei and Felicity. I'm being spiritually pulled to share my stories, share what has worked for me in the opes to inspire, comfort, connect and share my creativity and compassion in regards to health.

STAY TUNED TOMORROW FOR: Part Two | I'M BACK in which I'll share a health scare that arose. (But I'm confident I'll tackle it with all the holistic health protocols that have been

working for me thus far.)

Have a beautiful day, my friends! I'm really looking forward to walking this road with you.


Cryssy Saoirse

{ Follow your heart and stay the course to a beautiful life. }

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