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Four Favourite Organic Skincare Products That Have Helped our Family

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

We recently tried some organic, hand-made products from a local Bozeman company that have quickly become some staples in our house now. For being a small - town company, I'm really impressed that Buckaroo Organics uses such high quality ingredients - ingredients with which we can honestly FEEL a difference!

My favorite! (Shane's too! I'm going to have to get him his own tub - he keeps stealing it!) Such simple and pure ingredients that does the trick! We’ve already blown through this tub of whipped heaven! My husband, Shane, Lorelei and I all use it! When we went to Mexico, I made sure to bring this with us as I knew the salt water would dry out our skin. Mother Hen was a lifesaver! I’m also liberally applying it to my baby bump to help hydrate my skin and try to avoid stretch marks! So far, so good! (Fingers crossed.)

I'm so glad we brought this body butter with us to Cancun to help our skin from the

sun and ocean salt water!

When Lorelei got a HUGE scrape on her leg from climbing out of a tree with her Dad, I reached for this essential oil based organic skin treatment. This anti-bacterial, anti-infection healing ointment heals minor cuts, scars, rashes, burns and scrapes. True to the name, it did the job and healed her huge scrape quicker and better than I thought!

Shane will also be utilizing this a lot too since he comes home with a new cut everyday from working in construction.

I LOVE that this lip balm doesn’t have SOY in it! Soy is a cheap filler that many (including myself) are allergic to! I appreciate that Buckaroo Organics uses quality ingredients for being a small-town based company. They certainly choose quality over cheap quantity! This lip balm is so delicious that my dog (a beauty product devourer) fully approves. Hence the fact that I had couldn't take my own photo of the lip balm since it's in the trash. Needless to say, I’ll be ordering another Defense Blend Lip Balm along with more Mother Hen because this one works so well for me! (I'll just have to keep it out of Zoe's reach next time.)

I use this in the bathroom (obvs.) and to cover up stinky Corgi odors (how can little dogs stink SOOO much!?) I love that it’s essential oil based to help kill the germs and odors in the air and that there’s no artificial fragrances (and no chemicals in general)! Win-win! And because I’m pregnant and icky smells turn my stomach, I’ve been using this by the kitchen garbage a lot!

Takeaway: I love that this local company has such a lovely dedication to using pure, organic, high-quality ingredients. (I love supporting local companies, especially when they offer the high quality products.) I love that Buckaroo Organics doesn't use soy products like so many other "natural" companies do (they do that because it's a cheap filler). I love that they use essential oils because they know that plants just totally rock. I love that they are organic. And I love that they consider the environment with their eco packaging.

PLUS! I love that they gave me this 15% Off coupon for you to use when your order online: ' SAVE15 ' !

I've been recommending not only these top four products to my friends, but I also can't recommend enough their organic Soapberry Suds laundry detergent, which for most families lasts an entire year!! To find out which toxins to avoid in your laundry detergent, how they affect your body, and which organic laundry products we use in our home, check out my blog post on that here.

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