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11 Ways that 'Giving' Can Improve Your Health

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

DECEMBER'S Theme for my "Year of Intention" : LESS GETTING; MORE GIVING

I'm so excited for December! Christmas tree hunting, singing carols together, baking cookies... but this December is going to be one to remember! Not because of the gifts under the tree, but by the ways we'll be finding to give this month.

Intentional Giving is December's focus during my last month of the #yearofintention2019. We all know it's better to give than receive, and I want to teach this to Lorelei and Felicity, as well as remind myself. ;)

The Holiday season is a perfect time to focus on this with them so they learn that Christmas is not all about GETTING presents, but most importantly: GIVING love. This month our family will be intentionally giving our : time, compliments, talents, money, food, smiles, gifts, positive energy as well as paying it forward. We're hoping that new holiday traditions will emerge because Christmas isn't about things, it's about the experience we feel in our hearts. And if you know me, you know that health is pretty important to me... physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and relationally. Practicing giving (not just during the holidays but anytime of year) is so beneficial to our health.

11 reasons why giving is so beneficial to our over-all health:

1. Releases endorphins

2. Makes us feel more connected to others in our community

3. Helps battle depression and anxiety

4. Gives our life a deeper meaning

5. Increases our self confidence

6. Builds trust

7. Gives us perspective

8. Makes us grateful for what we have

9. Generates contentment

10. Promotes a universal good

11. and... giving simply makes us (and others) happy.

THREE IMPORTANT THINGS as we begin this month of giving:

1. HOW CAN I HELP? Do you know someone in need? Do you need anything? Do you know of ways/organizations that need anything or any volunteers? Send me an email and I'll see what I can do. :)

2.DONTATE: "Hope for the Holidays" is a local non-profit focused on helping out kids in the Gallatin Valley during Christmas time. I've already reached out to them to find out what specific needs we can fill for them. I'll keep you posted on ways we are able to help them!

3. GIVEAWAYS (FOR YOU)! You all probably know I'm an herb nerd, so... I'll be giving away some of my homemade herbal tea AND Young Living Essential Oils to YOU! I appreciate everyone who's followed my journey this year on Instagram and my this little blog this year, and I want to share my love of #herbsandoils with you! Apparently, #givingtuesday is a thing, so that's what I'll be doing *every Tuesday* this month over on Instagram.

Be sure not to miss the giveaways by:

1. Following me on Instagram @cryssysaoirse

2. Clicking the three little dots on one of my Instagram posts

3. Turn on post notifications

4. Turn on story notifications

5.Subscribing to my blog


I'll be covering our month of Intentional Giving on my Instagram Stories with our adventures giving, suggestions and tips for you, reflections on giving from Lorelei, and a little cuteness of 2 month old Felicity. ;)

Happy giving and happy holidays!

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