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April: Intentional Happiness

Disclaimer: I use WAY too may parentheses in my writing. (How else will I get you into my head!?!) I promise, I won't show you the really scary stuff.

Moving. "It's the worst." Whenever I mentioned to my friends we were moving, this is what they would say. And although it certainly was exhausting both mentally (purging all the extra stuff we don't need, *ahem* March's theme - "Intentional Minimalism") and physically (cleaning the old house, as well as the new house, because apparently I've turned into Monica from Friends and NEED everything "Monica Clean"), it was actually a pretty good move... as far a moves go.

Moving George, our Betta fish over to the new house. Lorelei was awesome. She held onto George tightly as I drove 4.5 miles an hour!

Shane was off work for a while for the moving and packing process, and our new home is only 3 minutes away from our last one. PLUS since we purged SO. MUCH. STUFF., there was less to move, less to unpack and "find a spot for". But with remembering to shower, scrambling to find something for dinner (hello, Naked Noodle), packing, unpacking, cleaning, lunchbox packing, chauffeuring Lorelei to and from school, swimming lessons, play dates (so we could pack and clean without having to rely on the ol' iPad), cleaning some more, and finally falling onto the bed at the end of the day with a giant le' SIGH... Life was a little busy for a while.

So anyway, That's why I didn't get my shi* together this month to be able to fulfill my intentional theme everyday, all month long. “Intentional Happiness” is April's theme for the #yearofintention2019. I listened to my body and spirit and CHOSE to put it on hold to keep life sustainable and balanced. And rather than just skipping an entire month, I’ve decided to finish out the month of April... all 12ish days of it. (I started talking about this over on Instagram in my stories a few days ago. If I'm ever silent over here on the blog, just head to my stories to see what I'm currently working on... because I can make a 15 second story happen pretty easily. My blog posts take a bit more thought and preparation.)

So since I made the decision of foregoing half the month for emotional sustainability purposes, I chose balance... listening to that inner voice that sets you right side up when you're about to make a decision that makes your life all sideways, swirly and extra crazy... even if it's not exactly what you WANT to choose but you know it will be BEST for you.

(Left): Shane, Lorelei and Molly taking a much needed rest during moving. (Right): Lorelei and I having a picnic in the new backyard, enjoying a bit of a slow down and the amazing sunshine.

My choice to put April's theme on hold until I could catch my breath was just one of the many choices I have the privilege in making in my life. Life is so much about CHOICES. Is that a movie title? I feel like it should be. We have the choice to get up in the morning (or not. there are days like that). We have the choice to fuel ourselves with nourishing, pure food (or not, there are also days like that for comfort food... ie. Mac N' Cheese & Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream). We have the choice to put on makeup, exercise, be kind, be respectful, to listen, to speak up for others, to put on panties (or not; again - your choice). I believe one of the mot impactful choices one can make is how you handle life's situations... your attitude, state of mind, perspective and lifestyle matters to your happiness and the happiness to those around you. Did you hear that? Happiness is a choice.

Happiness is a choice, not a result. Deep, lasting happiness doesn't "just happen". It isn't cultivated by coincidence; happiness is a choice. No person, thing or situation will make you happy unless you decide to be happy. Happiness doesn't happen to you; happiness comes from within you. - Cryssy Saoirse

In the next week, I'll Have two more blog posts about happiness for you. One about "Why Happiness is Important" and another about "How to truly be happy". In meantime, I'll leave you with this:

1. Take a good look deep inside to notice what brings you pure joy, wells your heart, and

fills your cup.

2. Pursue those particular parts of life that make YOU happy. Everyone is different. What might make some else happy might not particularly tug at your heartstrings.

3. When challenges, trials or tragedy occur, recognize this is a natural part of the ebb and flow of life. Love yourself through it. Be gentle with yourself. Then, when you’re ready, pursue that joy again.

This is when perspective will be rich. When one endures hardship, the joy that follows can be even more sweet. Sure, random bits of life you encounter can can speak right to your heart or even hit your funny bone just right. But if you're not open to accepting joy to begin with, these random occurrences are moot.

Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be. - Abraham Lincoln

The yardstick for happiness is different for everyone. What might make you light up inside might not make another person light up... and visa versa. There are SO many things that make me happy, and for that I'm grateful. What is happiness for you? Feel free to comment on my latest Instagram post. (Because when I signed up for Wix, I didn't know that the system would require people to sign up in order to comment on my blog posts! I also didn't know that the system doesn't allow for the blog author to respond to comments! Yikes! So not cool. On that note, I'm currently looking into migrating my blog over to Wordpress... where you can comment freely and I can actually respond to you! Communication + connection=yay!!)

I hope something I shared today lit a little light in you. I'm always striving for positivity in becoming that person I've always wanted to be... and hope my words can inspire you to do the same. I’m going to finish this blog post just like I used to sign my notes in middle school…

Stay happy,


P.S. What is happiness to you? Let me know on my latest IG post!

P.P.S. Thanks for baring with me in all my parentheses. ;)

P.P.P.S If you're looking for a little extra laughter, I'm including a lot of jokes and funny memes in my stories daily through the end of the month. I'm enjoying it so much that I think I'll make a habit of it every month. Because laughter is always the best medicine... unless you have diarrhea. Haha! ;)

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